Sales: 800-247-9653 Tech Support: 951-847-6689 Maintenance: 951-847-6689 Fax: 951-372-0555 Location & Hours 225 Airport Circle Dr Corona, CA 92880 Hours (PST) Phones: M-F 5am - 6pm Sat 7am - 3:30pm Will Call: M-F 8am - 6pm Sat: 7am - 3pm TTSN: 553hrs. For sale for: USD 36,000 / EUR 30,600 Watch 18 Videos about the Cozy Mark IV by Aircraft Spruce. Only planes I’ve seen that fit the bill is the Sling TSI and the RV-10, with the only main differences I’ve seen between the two being the slings lower fuel burn per hour and slightly less useful load. These harnesses will include the wires and connector. Simply run the harness in the wing before putting the skin on. We have 14 VANS Aircraft For Sale. Monthly cost around £150. Parachute. The Sling TSi is an aerodynamically cleaner and structurally beefier version of the Sling 4, and the TSi uses the bigger, more powerful Rotax 915 instead of a 115-horsepower Rotax 914. The undercarriage wasn’t left out from the improvements with more streamlined wheel covers reducing profile drag. HIRE & FLY ZU-TSIThe Sling TSi is The Airplane Factory’s top-of-the-line aircraft and a real beauty to fly. Had same issue. PHOTOS. Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co. Click For Details. The Sling 4's smooth handling and unparalleled performance and efficiency make The Airplane Factory's new four-seat homebuilt a winner. Home; About Us; Aircraft for sale; Sell my aircraft; Free Aircraft evaluation; Contact Us; Home Products Piston Aircraft. The Sling TSi Proves That No Truly Affordable 4-Place Airplane Kit-Built Has EVER Been This Capable! Glasair III Show Plane. Aerodynamic improvements include a thinner airfoil; flush riveting on the forward portions of the wings, tail, and fuselage; sleek wheel fairings, and a reinforced windshield and canopy. 2005 Sportsman 2+2. Sling TSi tail wire harness. This set includes the right and left wing harnesses for use with a Midwest Panel Builders package. Find more than 250 types of web slings varying in choker and basket hitch capacities, vertical load limits and lengths that are frequently used with rigging and lifting equipment. Place the connector at the root and run the wires to … Cozy Mark IV by Aircraft Spruce - Photo #3. Online aircraft sales - South Africa. Constant speed prop. Four-Place Aircraft Powered By Rotax 914 Turbo The Airplane Factory brought its new Sling TSi to AirVenture 2018. Contact Number Your Sling TSi is powered by a 141 hp turbo sport injected Rotax 915 iS. SOLD! Browse a wide selection of new and used Light Sport Aircraft near you at Airplanes For Sale. While he is waiting for the kit to arrive, there is the hard question of “how to get started”. Now take that achievement to the next level by flying a brand new, custom-built Sling. 10 thoughts on “ More Elevator priming & assembling center spar structure ” Chris 2019-05-06 at 20:17. The four-seat Sling has been offered as a kit for some time but the company has been busy setting up a stateside builder-assist program at […] The Sling TSi still retains the original design's all-metal construction, made from CNC-machined parts and skins with composite engine cowls and canopy frame and doors. Please join the forum and start sharing your experiences, expertise and […] IFR/Night VFR aircraft 4 seater with 460 kg useful load Click For Details. Welcome to the Sling Pilots community Website & Forum. As the Sling Builder & Pilot community grows rapidly, this page will hopefully become a central point to talk about experiences, exchange tips and meet new people to talk all things Sling Aircraft. 1 - 14 The Sling is flown subject to a MAUW restriction of 700kg. Click For Details SOLD! Sling TSi wing wire harness set. 2020 sling tsi (kit airplane) for sale in torrance, ca. I’m very exited about this video and want to share you guys the footage of the first flight of my Sling TSi. Avionics: Garmin G3x. 1995 Glasair III. Global Aviation Products - Australia agents for Sling Aircraft, MGL Avionics and Airmaster Propellers Global Aviation Products (Pty) Ltd 58 Larcombe Drive, Wongawallan, 4210, Queensland. Mike Blyth, founder of The Airplane Factory, said, “The brand-new Sling TSi stands out as the new standard for four-seat experimental aircraft. It’s powered by a 141 hp Rotax 915 iS fuel injected, turbo charged engine, burning just 7 gph (28 lt/hr) in the cruise. The Sling TSi will be officially unveiled at the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh event at the end of July. From a drum sling, endless loop or reverse eye design, a web sling handles light- to heavy-duty jobs. Building Your Dream!Becoming a pilot was a life-changing achievement. In this configuration the Sling complies with all the requirements of the "Certification Specifications for Very Light Aeroplanes, CS-VLA". Contact for share information and terms. Sold! Top manufacturers include TECNAM, ICON, CZECH SPORT AIRCRAFT, JABIRU, PIPISTREL, and AEROSPOOL. The aircraft specifications, save for fuel capacity and weights, however, are the same in each category. sling tsi kit – speed on rails a modern, fast economical 4-seater | turbo injected fadec engine | gullwing doors | great visibility | robust landing gear | large cabin and luggage area | fully-adjustable leather seats | glass cockpit The Sling TSi is Sling Aircraft’s top-of-the-line aircraft and a real beauty to fly. Adding the new 915 engine and a panel of digital instruments will add about $82,000, company officials estimate, producing a final price of about $135,000. Garmin GTR 200 radio. It is available in varying combinations from $58,100 for a basic kit to $164,000 … ORDERING YOUR SLING IS AS EASY AS 1-2-3! Click For Details. Can anyone help me decide between the two or offer a third option out … I had an email conversation with a new future Sling TSi builder over the past two days. The Sling TSi is a four-place aircraft powered by the Rotax 915 iS. Looking to form a group with like minded aviators around a brand new LAA permit aircraft to be based in Essex Aircraft is a 2021 TAF Sling TSi - Rotax 915iS Low cost touring. Sling TSi £25k . Ended up clecoing every other hole on the top and bottom plates without the interior re-enforcement brackets so the ribs could flex. Engine: Rotax 914 turbo 553hrs SNEW. Piston Aircraft. It’s powered by a 141 hp Rotax 915 iS fuel injected, turbo charged engine, burning just 7 gph (28 lt/hr) in the cruise. This means it assembles fast, with no drilling or deburring, according to the factory. Price R1 615 000 +VAT Based on the proven concept of the Rotax 912 / 914 engine series, the Rotax 915 iS engine offers increased power, the best power-to-weight ratio in its class, full take-off power up to 16,000 feet … RELATED RESOURCES. Click For Details. A Sling TSi airframe kit is approximately $55,000, although you can start with subassemblies and pay as you go. We are selling “The Airplane Factory” Sling 2 Light Sport Aircraft because it meets our criteria of mostly metal, tricycle gear, great handling, low wing, Rotax 912iS fuel injected engine, factory within an easy flight, and it is offered in S-LSA, E-LSA and kit versions. Online aircraft sales – South Africa. The Sling TSi, like all of the Sling aircraft, is a pulled-rivet airplane with prepunched matched-hole parts. ↳ Sling Photos & Videos ↳ Regulations, Procedures & Certifications; Model Specific ↳ Sling TSi ↳ Sling 4 ↳ Sling 2 & LSA ↳ Sling HW; General Building Topics ↳ General Sling Building Tips & Techniques ↳ Avionics & Electrical Systems ↳ Lighting ↳ Interiors ↳ Firewall forward ↳ … This harness will include the wiring for the magnetometer, trim and beacon light for use with a Midwest Panel Builders package. 2013 Carbon Sportsman Trike & Tail Wheel. 2008/2019 Extreme Makeover Sportsman 2+2. Piston Aircraft. Full Name. Two Weeks to Taxi Built. 2016 Sling 4. It is the Sling TSi, a four-seater with a completely redesigned exterior, cabin and instrument panel. Swissport staff in South Africa and Switzerland handled Sling TSi airplane parts for a research project of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH). For Sale! If you can see yourself flying a new Sling, but don't know how you would build it... we're here to help!Custom Aircraft BuildersBuilders Assistance ProgramOur builders assistance program makes flying your […] This question comes up for every new builder, and those that haven’t made up their mind yet, but need some guidance on what it would take to actually get started. Page 1 of 3 July 27, 2018 - The Sling TSi, a four-place turbocharged kit aircraft from South Africa’s Airplane Factory, is making its world debut at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2018, taking its place as the flagship of the company’s line of Sling LSA and kit aircraft. Sling TSi with the new engine also operates for much lower cost as it burns only eight gallons an hour and can use premium auto gas — in fact, it runs cleaner on this fuel source. Cozy Mark IV by Aircraft Spruce - Photo #2. It’s the largest model in The Airplane Factory’s lineup, which also includes light sport models being used as training aircraft. £50/hour wet. The South African kit manufacturer celebrated a milestone this week when the first Sling TSi built at the company’s Southern Californian builder-assistance center completed its 40-hour Phase I flight-test program. Sold! Search our listings for used & new airplanes updated daily from 100's of private sellers & dealers.