Sadaharitha stands as a truly Sri Lankan company which provides exceptional green investment opportunities with remarkable returns. The plantation management company under investigation is not the first group to have offered above-average returns for fixed-term investment in the so-called “Wood … Plantations International Agarwood Investment Plantations International have been at the forefront of commercial forestry and have been offering clients in Asia the opportunity of receiving … Length: Customize. Species – Aquilaria Malaccensis. It is seen that in the past, most of these trees have been harvested out of the wild. Inferior quality agarwood gets produced and it only can be used for home purposes. Best Future Agarwood Investment in Malaysia With growth above the industry norms, we hold over 2000 acres of sustainable forestry … Since the Agarwood tree can grow on a wide range of soil and under diverse conditions, cultivation of this valuable incense has not been a concern for farmers. The reason is that it is mainly used for the religious purposes. Finally, T started to talk about an investment opportunity. Besides these proper name , most of the people might have heard it described by a myriad of divine metaphors like : “Scent from Heaven” & “Wood of God”, which represents the most world’s exclusive perfumes. Motorized blinds and shades are a stylish, rewarding investment in comfort, convenience, and peace of mind. Plantation Of Agarwood: The Agarwood plantation can be done by many people by using techniques of artificial inoculation. The Asia Plantation Capital Group’s business model is ranges from the management of plantations, to the inoculation, harvesting, distilling and processing of agarwood inputs into a multitude of agarwood end products, including the highly prized Oud oil. 2. 2,000,000 – Aquilaria trees today, on Agarwood plantations. Agarwood tree is also called as 'wood of the Gods'. The demand for Agarwood is not going down and it never will. It can also be beautifully turned into ornaments like pearls and beads. It serves as an ultimate luxury gift back then and was only owned by the upper class society. Remember Grasshoppa, “Durian Runtuh” Investment is not possible unless it’s a scam. Also Read: Best Time For Agarwood Plantation in India. All rights reserved. This article helps you to set up and maintain the agarwood plantation and cultivation. History of Agarwood Investment Scams.

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