The trail begins as an easy ascent and gradually becomes steeper. Lost Lake on Sumas Mountain can be hard to find if you don't know how to drive there. The Stó:lō Collaborative Stewardship Forum (CSF) is seeking community input on how people use and experience Sumas Mountain and what the mountain and trails mean to us as individuals and communities. Our intention is to traverse Sumas Mountain from West to East. With more than 18 Sumas trails covering 96 miles, you’re bound to find a perfect trail like the Larrabee Trail or Tommy Thompson Trail. Sumas Mountain Centennial Trail. The 4.6 kilometre return trip offers several trail options plus a second hike from the lake. Rd. Gold Mine Trail . Sumas Mountain. I was … View detailed trail descriptions, trail maps, reviews, photos, trail itineraries, directions and more on TrailLink. Unfortunately the eastern trailhead was on private property, and ran through what is now a large rock quarry. Road, Sumas Mountain What’s nearby: Eastern Valley Lookout Trail, Sumas Mountain Regional Park A distance of aproximatly 14 kilometers. ... Sumas Mountain . Deception & Debauchery - Sumas Mountain Gold Mine Trail For a few years, I'd head about some old gold mine remnants out in the county. The directions are in Hike #53 in Ken Wilcox's "Hiking Whatcom County". The trail is located off of Upper Sumus Mountain Road, but the only street sign we saw was Sumas Mountain Road which eventually turned into a gravel road. An old "gold" mine safe door stands open, an decaying ore car and a slowing filling in mine awaits you on this trail. Some lead to private property, some are simply game trails, a couple lead to the summit, and others lead to nowhere. Address: Upper Sumas Mt. Went up to Nooksack Cabin, then followed the trail up the west side to the top, opting to go straight up rather than contour southward when I could. When the road starts going downhill, there are three road signs on the left with arrows, then another three signs on the right of the road with arrows. Sumas mountain is a maze of trails. Specifically, I had stumbled across a reference to "Nooksack Gold Mines". The correct route (with one variation) can be found in the route section. Please complete the survey to share how you experience Sumas Mountain and what it means to you (deadline September 30th). Sumas Mountain is one of the most familiar mountains in the Fraser Valley. The essence of this hike is history, plain and simple. Gold Mine Trail on Sumas Mountain offers a challenging, rewarding hike—complete with history and mystery amid artificats from a wayward mining operation being slowly reclaimed by … at what is known as Big Rock, a huge boulder deposited by the last ice age and to exit at the South East end trailhead in Barrowtown. It was about a year before I traced those down to Sumas Mountain and it took a bit longer after that to find a decent map. Not sure if it's the best way, but came in by way of Paradise Valley Road. Sumas Mountain is full of it from the old mining days and this hike is the best example. Explore the best trails in Sumas, Washington on TrailLink. Located along the north side of the Trans Canada Highway between Abbotsford and Chilliwack, the Sumas Mountain Trail is also part of the Centennial Trail. This high-elevation experience is for intermediate hikers who don’t mind scrambling up slippery inclines and log steps. It is easy to get lost, but not difficult to find the right trail, please be respectfull of private property. Most of it is in Sumas Mountain Park. This is another section of the Centennial Trail. The trailhead is on Sumas Mountain. Basically, you drive the South Pass Rd, go right on Paradise Valley Rd (at a well managed conifer plantation & farm).