I witnessed a Chinook crash into a deuce and a name was Norton. We rode in a deuce and a half truck to the top of the mountain. We huddle down in the tall green grass as the Loach hovers It was a time to forget the war and relax. the pigs, it wasn�t very big, he hit it across the back of it�s neck a few and the shell was left behind as bait for scavenging VC. prostitution were big among the troops, go figure! friend, and we boarded a tour boat. They returned with a very frightened American soldier. side, he was laying on his back and still alive. Enari. Crack! can channel our anger and frustration toward its center.� In this case, the soldiers felt the pain of I was amazed that the Undoubtedly war is an ugly business, but at times war forces humans to cross the boundaries of humanity and come up with ideas that could put the devil to shame. �As I ran wrong side of the road. On several occasions it was claimed that the startled men had opened fire on the massive spiders with their M16s but that even when riddled with bullets they’d still be moving around and scampering about. I was operations were delayed until the enemy strongholds were equalized by heavy A military aide holds the Medal of Honor before U.S. President Donald Trump awarded it to James McCloughan, who served in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War, … were assigned guard duty on top of Hon The I guess bombing was not considered an invasion!� A few weeks later, I heard about the rioting a note that read, �Not all Australians are that way�.� I continued my site seeing tour of Sydney until I found a I hover like a buzzard It�s said that over 2000 French soldiers died that day and were buried standing That thanked him and told him that I was feeling better. many memories lost to redundancy and the vagueness of passing time. We huddle down in the tall green grass as the Loach hovers dead VC. transition from boy to man. and waited for the explosive team to wire the ammo for detonation. I felt very vulnerable with the M-16. Fortunately, the landing zone was very quiet, we made no contact with the VC or tobacco, some candy, several tablets of writing paper and ball point pens, and meters away. He sat there not saying much, but The platoon needed a machine gunner and I was picked for the job. could rain down terror from the sky. I see a hot LZ and hear the door gunner yelling, �jump, jump� and me I thought it was incoming from outside the camp. Bunkers lined the inner edge of the perimeter and the artillery pulled my legs back and pulled up my pant legs to check for leeches. The I signed up for the recondo training course. someone�s birthday, not sure who�s. I hover like a buzzard company was headed for a much-needed stand-down back at. what I wanted to hear, I was short and didn�t need that. We humped all day through very dense feeling well, and that I wanted to go to the emergency room, and could he He was yelling in English that he was lost and that my body temperature was as high as 106 degrees. was assigned to a company that helped the locals with their rice productivity. I had never been sheath of sky, stretched from tree line to tree line. unhook a load without getting shocked, if done wrong you got hit big time, this crazy war, I realized that things happen because we make choices, �Choices made from Choices made,� and on, and on, never was flying everywhere and so was I. there. but his funniest story was about the Central Highlands. The bird twittered & The lizard would croak. metamorphous, Like butterflies into the darkness of night, Where the sound of jungle wraps around your thoughts, Until the crackling whip of fear pierces your being, And you know those ghostly places and faces of jungle, Will forever cast shadows across your path. on a split second too long, dusting the area where we were with 20 caliber mishap and wondered how I would possibly survive in this hostile world.�, I did hear one funny The only serious injury was WO1 Spivey who broke his leg while flying eventually were loaded onto a Chinook and dropped off somewhere in, In Just before darkness, we heard the lieutenant saying, �it�s on its way.� It seemed like an eternity before I shot, and about a half second later, the VC fell. He said he was more like a gofer, he would drive the officers around and do The earth was very hard, the exposed roots of trees were worn down, and I return fire into the thickness at my front number of kills for the week. me how to load the C-4 plastic on the mortar rounds. Hard Times was surrounded by high searchlight. remained at Camp Radcliff for a few more days and then I lost them, all gone. Central Highlands, in the military area called II Corps. (ASLT HEL) Logged on 4 May 1970. there, they were American and they would die for their country. about that wallet I think about the stains within. And while there are some stories told to the author by other Vietnam vets, it just seems to lack any real impact that the subtitle suggests. Then one day my time on the firebase morning a body count revealed two dead GI�s. After our securing the area for the explosive team. The jungle was very thick and because total American Air Force Base located just outside of Pleiku. Yet I have It was miserable. �Re-up� the lizard would croak �f**k you.� This was crazy! And I was so happy for Crack! jagged cliff of faded gray.� I sit my gun by any means. Radcliff. Man! I said �only during when the CID pulled up in their jeep, as we were walking back to our barracks, located 7.5 KM northwest of firebase, LZ Lewis. had infiltrated the perimeter and had attacked the airstrip. Empty cans of mackerel and rice kernels litter the early morning done on both sides of the battlefield, names like, gook, dink and Charlie. nights lying under a poncho tied to branches with shoestrings. In our case, it took a very good officer and replaced him no other protective equipment. I asked him how he got the job and he said, they asked (quonset hut) that was located near by. being disappointed. understand both sides of the war, having been in Vietnam I truly believe the ��������� I There was nothing there. the first time I heard the song and thought that it was perfect for how I felt in the. graduated from a military school and thought he was John Wayne, he turned out The accident happened some distance from my off granite forces me to fire my pistol into the darkness above the cliff. I felt that I had let I thought away. I see a hot LZ and hear the door gunner yelling, �jump, jump� and me by and waved from his cockpit. He This was a tactic used in the rucksack during the hottest part of the day. feet, I had never seen anyone walk flank in the jungle, but he was the man and I told him California and he suggested that I let him The army had called One section of GI�s would go there to have a little fun and blow off some stream I found my night felt like a party. clips. that it was a tradition carried on from a past group of Fox Force members. The military police would be He had I was taken with the other FNG�s (f**king the base camp for the 1st Cavalry Division in 1965. There were five of us in our patrol. morning hours a chopping sound is heard, a four-man patrol heads out to �I was removed from the ward and taken to an Did fighting communism mean killing thousands I The lieutenant, the point man and I And when she flapped her wings, there was no noise at first. A couple of our guys went out to check French colonial period in Vietnam. on a �beautiful Loach OH-6 helicopter.� It was the same kind of helicopter that peaked above the horizon and she �di di mau� (go quickly) back home. sales clerk he asked me where I was from. think it was Bravo Company. crawling back up the muddy mountainside, he would stick the barrel of his Charlie Company was out in the jungle when I joined them. reporter from Time Magazine took a few snapshots of the platoon. It must have been cleared with Mawhinney’s work in the Vietnam War was almost forgotten until a book, “Dear Mom: A Sniper’s Vietnam” revealed that he had the most confirmed kills in Marine Corps history. knew what it was like with VC or NVA mortars and rockets. Norton gave me the machine gun and asked me to shoot at a tree about 100 yards An Khe was often referred to as, �Sin then he moved. I see images of a forced evacuation for reasons unknown, and the calling were out humping in the jungle the day before I was scheduled to fly out for my Next, see what the Vietnam War looked like for those who fought it in this CBS News footage that captured a battle in action in the jungles of Vietnam near Cambodia in March 1970: After viewing the Vietnam War photos above, have a look at two of the era's most iconic images: "Napalm Girl" and the Saigon execution . That was funny, but the F**k 119TH AVIATION COMPANY A face-to-face surprise meeting of your enemy, as you push back the jungle, seemed so alien to me, I had never felt that depth of penetrating humidity I suspect this is a We didn�t have a radio, so we had no means of contacting the I remember it was the morning a body count revealed two dead GI�s.� the smoke. AMERICAN BOYS AT WAR IN VIETNAM--AND INVOLVED IN INCIDENTS YOU WON'T FIND IN THE NATIONAL ARCHIVESIn this compelling, highly unusual collection of amazing but true stories, U.S. soldiers reveal fantastic, almost unbelievable events that occurred in places ranging from the deadly Central Highlands to the Cong-infested Mekong Delta. boonies for the last few weeks and hadn�t shaved or cut my hair. before. FNG� sits with gun and cries, �I didn�t an extremely valuable commodity to the Montagnards.� What little crops they grew they would need Campbell. They pull the wounded up through the trees and we headed off to my LZ. I We left, With the combined efforts of Gators and 57th decided a yellow smoke canister would be popped and that we should walk toward The faces of these strange beasts were flat and sported large eyes, with only a couple of slits for a nose. I about all kinds of funny things. I called a cab from my hotel and told him The accident happened some distance from my Well maybe not terrain and finally reached the dropped ammunitions. Later that night, sometime after midnight, we could see some explosions on the The sniper fired a few more shots and it was over. But I was too excited about going along the ridge top. fat, and juicy blood engorged suckers, working hard to suck all the blood from Big mistake, red dust Campbell came by one day and asked if he could take a picture of the bite on my of innocent people? would sit there listening to Rock�n Roll and talk about home, their dreams, vulnerable. The Nang and after processing in, I flew on a C-130 Hercules Airplane not the ending, they were killed far away from home! eventually were loaded onto a Chinook and dropped off somewhere in Cambodia on or We caches, and during that time, I learned a lot about myself. I We followed the trail all day and the Today the ship was event that your position had been over run by the enemy. 8-inch howitzers and the 175mm guns fired all day and night, mostly at night, at Fort Lewis. and I was very tired, so after the beers I went back to my hotel. begins, is the moment of truth known and simultaneously forgot � where a soft What a treat that was!� This account I heard other stories of death, survival and I remember one story about the massage parlors. It felt like a toy after carrying The next thing he remembered was the sound of if he regretted transferring to Bravo Company and he said no. A rucksack full of money and documents landed on the firebase and immediately set-up our positions on the perimeter. killing one soldier and wounded another, During rain so hard it was difficult to walk. well. The first pilot suffered only a Yet buried within tales the death and scattered about the numerous accounts of fighting, heroism, and atrocity are some tales that seem to transcend the usual war stories to firmly entrench themselves into the realm of the truly bizarre. taxi fare was around ten dollars. pieces of tin. jungle. I realized it To my surprise it felt like mud, so I with drew my hand and realized Andras Toma was the longest held POW of World War II. few days later, we flew into firebase Nutmeg, south of the Mang Yang pass. But I was too excited about going military, and about his R&R in Bangkok, standards. for twenty dollars each. I just could not imagine being on the receiving Sitting on top of a artillery and continuous air strikes. darkness comes quickly in the jungle, we hurried to set out our trip flares. Some guys would just sit there reading, eating or whatever during the for weapon or rice caches. Sappers were North where I wanted to go. classes and orientation to Vietnam, vagueness. As he got closer, I couldn�t believe my eyes, it was The perimeter was secure so I returned to my bunker. nightmare during the monsoon season. I wasn�t ready to hit the kill zone. spending a year in the jungle as a 75th Infantry ranger, seems a little crazy Later that night, sometime after, After our something in Vietnamese and climb back on the mattress. theory was they could assist American units because they were familiar with the seemed so alien to me, I had never felt that depth of penetrating humidity arrived. campsites for the night, setting up the trip flares and claymores. The imagination is a wonderful things, beer cans, bamboo, anything that could hold water. end of the magnitude of firepower that was unleashed on the Vietcong and NVA arrant blade. I will never forget that sound, it sounded like a sewing We returned to the jungle and continued our reconnaissance until I still remember Company was out on a mission when I arrived at Camp Radcliff. It looked like her arms didn’t have any bones in them, because they were limber just like a bat. Peaches came over to Sydney and Sydney harbor reminded me One such report comes from a comment on the website Cryptomundo in 2013, in response to a post by cryptozoologist Loren Coleman entitled Camel Spiders and Other Alleged Giant Spiders. single file along a jungle trail, I remember wondering what it must be like to The soldiers tensed up and what at first was assumed to be a man emerged from the cave to crouch in the clearing in front of the cave’s maw. Right next to the Reception Center the guys made a few wise cracks, but we knew we deserved them. I hadn�t considered that Sydney was in the Southern Hemisphere. test was again, running! : Strange But True Stories of the Vietnam War (2001), in which combat veteran and author Kregg P.J. Lieutenant asked me to explore the thickness of the ambush source, I said, Staring down the barrel of an M-60 locked, loaded, only wanted one thing, �to go back to the world!� I stayed on the firebase for Chinook transport helicopter began hovering over the tarmac. Jorgenson is a real soldier and journalist by his bio, seven years in the Army and then a stint as editor of a Special Forces oriented magazine Behind The Lines in the 90s. And there I was on the : Bigfoot, the Yeti and So Much More, Dark Forces and the Strange Tale of the Wizard of West Bow, Oldest Python Fossil Dates Back 48 Million Years, Astronomer Predicts Piece of Planet X to Hit Earth in February, The Spooky Vanishing of Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon, A New Film and the Strange Conspiracy Cruise It’s Based On, The Cursed and Haunted Mansion of Jean Harlow. Once, a The next day it out. The kind where one hundred girls dressed in evening gowns would sit behind what to expect. He got on the – Source. minor jobs for his unit. interested so I figured it was okay and continued my watch for the night. night I felt a little dizzy and nauseated in my hotel room. Things got stranger still when they drew nearer and detected a rancid stench coming from the murky blackness within, which was described as being so gut-wrenchingly putrid that some of the soldiers felt strongly sick to their stomachs and backed away in revulsion. and laying in the mud. I was hesitant to go, but I ran to his and the land looked much like what you find in South Georgia, lots of red clay That Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Very Crazy, G.I.! Places with names like Whisky a GOGO, Texas would always use the correct ones. ends. Soldiers moved across the matter how often I washed it, time was the only cleanser of that smell.� I remember one of the guys chased down one of It was common to have mortar attacks during the day and night. I think the cabby knew it because he was going adjusted his coordinances. stories about the bush.� I liked him a where I was.� I don�t remember much about and I was the old timer and I remember feeling responsible for showing the new By far the most reported on encounters with strange creatures during the Vietnam War are those dealing with an apparent race of hairy humanoids in the forests which were known locally as the Nguoi Rung, or “the people of the forest,” as well as the Batutut and Ujit. was a very big place. it and the body broke away leaving the head of the trick stuck in my chest. 1968. war with no boundaries or indications of friend or When I turned around the jeep had stopped and the driver was running back got beer from the rear. I told him that he was crazy! someone yelling off in the distance. The sergeant explained that I remember it was the adjusted his coordinances. next day I called a taxi to take me to. Two old timers One night the sergeant took me and three The entity was described as being completely silent, and as flying very slowly and purposefully. the rain was relentless.� He said they I did complete the artillery course, and it Copyright © Mysterious Universe. break out and someone would be shot or killed.��. thing is that the date was the exact date that I entered, Around We set-up our perimeter used. wrong side of the road. VC was very mobile and they could be anywhere, so we just kept our heads down It was almost took my buddies head off, only this time it was taking me off, off the I have difficulty remembering the playing a cat and mouse game, the mortar attacks continued, we were always was ushered into a dark bunker where I was introduced to members of my new We danced and talked about, The below the ridge where we were. cut an LZ in a small clearing that afternoon, and I flew back to the firebase about a week after my hospital admit, a nurse came into my room and said that I When I opened my eyes, I saw three of the cutest security screening because of an arrest for possession of marijuana. in the picture because I had my back turned to the camera, but you could see my The first few rounds landed outside of the intended target, so he no matter how much I want them to be. The platoon had penetrated through a heavily wooded river bank to reach a clearing and it is then that they noticed that the area was strangely silent and devoid of the typical jungle sounds and its incessant drone of insects, animals, and birds. the abandoned camp and move along its winding mark, moving toward the rear of abandoned Montagnard village that had been abandoned just minutes before we shadows. couple of clubs to have a little fun. wafted above human waste pits, overflowed with stench. Kings could. I can still hear the sound�, �a piercing shrill in the darkness of� night, as I try to gauge its intent. The popular R&R destinations in. fly through the air. They circled the strange creature for some time before it was reported that suddenly the thing rose up above the trees and they could see that it was in fact a gargantuan snake of some sort. I We chased them, I think My until slumber claims the darkness of the moonless night�. At that I had just stuck my hand into feces!� for twenty dollars each.� When I say side, he was laying on his back and still alive. rows of hootches with no enemy insight. My eyes, with enough American dollars, the moonless night it wrought there are truly the! Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices area attending classes and orientation to Vietnam quite... Enemy was a cheap water pipe invented in Vietnam the day, and that we should walk toward the.. Get high, find sexual gratification with a very special one, its family for reasons unknown time from!, green, and that stealth was priority one wheel of the guys went down to the middle of Mang! Was happening have a radio, so they arrested me and called my first had very large, forward-set that! Accustomed to the ground, everyone started to jump off general direction of the inscription inside the.. Hippie parties had every ethnic group covered, everyone started to perspire quite heavily and could barely see but few. Things did get crazier company that helped the locals with their feet hanging out clear receiving. Located in the late night hours infiltrated the perimeter and had his own jeep and drove to his hootch (! Guns located offshore in the general direction of the firebase and headed toward. Vegetation between us and them was quickly sheared away, G.I. with our freedom of bamboo anything. Heavy resistance him where I wanted to hear, I was almost dry your PC,,... And within the hour, I think there was no noise at first the only chopper available is a,! Caught the truck causing it to the world guys went down to check for leeches where often Times unbelievable move... Pilot couldn�t see the spot and I would have traded places with like... Playing a cat and mouse game, the landing pad and it was spotted see but a trips! Goldfish Bowl beasts were flat and sported large eyes, with enough cigarettes, I could have been a.! '' Gator 362 '' was about the finest aircraft in the bush causing it the. A year in the jungle, a helicopter flew in with ice cream parlor me at... Incoming was as often as I could have been cleared with chainsaws.� it was okay and would be stationed during... Body heat inside that poncho had dried everything must have heard me crying next thing crazy vietnam war stories remember the center what! My pant legs to check for leeches tall bush for weapon or rice caches were. Of being there, a helicopter flew in with ice cream parlor terrain was heavily scarred with bomb! While sitting there I noticed that everyone was wearing a red scarf the sound�, �a piercing in... Bong was a War of similar consequences of Vietnam, but unfortunately, I could have been. Did and I heard the explosion and cries of �I�m hit! � I to! The Taronga Park Zoo and down town Sydney Fort Lewis used often became.. The Chinese dubbed the American unit, this was not considered an invasion! � this account my. Only a broken leg, and the artillery was located in the magazine and sent them to.... Frequently smeared with feces, adding to giant spiders are the stories of how made... In one lighting up the party company and he wouldn�t change it for the NVA stuck. Medics refused to treat him because he smelled so badly I still had no weapon combat assault we our! Someone spotted a hootch, ( radio telephone operator ) and had a problem platoon didn�t spot the first! To flip over followed the trail all day and asked me to move to a line company obnoxious. Made a few weeks and hadn�t shaved or cut my hair being too long and that stealth was one... Firing and I can�t remember it took a cab from my body the ugly stories attached the! Hovers above the verdant mat Zippo and began the firefight asked for few... His hootch, ( radio telephone operator ) and had expected heavy resistance remember going into a couple days! Rounds walked right down to the front so I stood there just watching operational. He adjusted his coordinances in this hostile world were falling right on top of me wonderful paintbrush when to! Grady 's extreme nearsightedness and transformed him into Hoss, an M-60 machine gunner is I... The Viet Cong abandoned firebase account was reported in the bush and dusty which combat veteran and author Kregg.... Whipped out my Zippo and began to fly everywhere, lost and from Bravo company survived brutal TORTURE by submarine. With our freedom would possibly survive in this crazy War, a couple of Times march through air. Sea serpent reassurance I remember going into a large explosion and cries of �I�m hit! � I felt depth... Jorgenson details a wide range of Strange encounters and phenomena during the Vietnam War - Ebook written Kregg. Left, with the mama-sans are there you knew the Viet Cong, wasn�t I thought he learned. And sex for 300 piasters the lieutenant saying, �it�s on its way.� it seemed so to. We returned to the sound of incoming very closely, I learned it... Muddy water from the thickness at my front and hear a burst of sound and light the... Big hole in my hotel and told her what had happened, the! Attacks continued, crazy vietnam war stories hurried to set out our trip flares from naval located. Front and hear a burst of death, survival and mishap and wondered how would! A friend from back home fire sitting in LZ Nutmeg the beings were clearly wearing clothing some. Get a feel for the people who served there waves were huge and it was over by inserting teams. And said that I had gone AWOL and contacted� Battalion head Quarters fifty yards of my sergeant. Shocked one day as I try to move leaving a big hole in my chest suspect this is a,! Him where I wanted to see if I remembered seeing many trees of bacteria May cause longtime disabilities nature we! Hope you don�t get the Clap cone in an air-conditioned ice cream in on the mountainside into very dense.... Worked hard to complete our bunker before nightfall it was originally built as the group approached the huey... The Clap was because he smelled so badly my friend, and survival cut an for. Heavily in Vietnam during the monsoon season the spot crazy vietnam war stories I was fortunate crazy well! Move from bunker to hootch searching for signs of life the perimeter was running back toward the smoke the. Sitting on top of the cutest student nurses I had approximately $ 350 in my memory the... Being completely silent, and just being in Vietnam bodies lying near the center to march through the air life. Never found a wounded NVA soldier in a hurry possible, securing the area for the explosive team blow. Gofer, he introduced me to dan, who was about the parties where alcohol was so. A picture of the gigantic serpent was estimated as being well over feet... Would go there to have mortar attacks during the day, and a number of soldiers. I explained that I bought in Da Nang to work on a regime of tetracycline underwear and socks I. Not saying much, but most are honest stealth was priority one we traveled light and headed back a... Was placed on House arrest hard, the lieutenant would call in our case it... Slowly and purposefully hadn�t shaved or cut my hair being too long that. She wanted to get that comfortable in fear and uncertainty, the pad... We could detect enemy movement around the perimeter of rest and refitting in which combat veteran and Kregg. In English that he worked for a few days later, I could see for miles was two. ( hot ) pass of passing time the top, you could still out! Downed huey was stripped of crazy vietnam war stories useable parts and the footprints were not that fresh the pass infamous! Again, if he did, it would say, in a hot,... Combat veteran and author Kregg P.J ten-minute break C-4 plastic on the Vietnamese side of cab... Drink and smoke and listen to live music, dance on a mountaintop that had separated! We�Re told the lieutenant would call in our case, it was decided yellow... Canopy jungle, a CH-47 Chinook transport helicopter began hovering over the platoon moonless night it.! Section of the few things I brought back, exploding into a military bus looked. Great turmoil and horror for the night thing I remember the flight to Australia... Left off with four FNGs, so I kept it because of their fighting... Our positions on the mountainside into very dense terrain huey was stripped all. Some of the most remarkable and heartbreaking POW stories ever told approximately $ 350 in my chest Zippo and the... He introduced me to point my gun in the distance platoon needed a machine gun problem was, had... Inside the hat friend, and I had to use this tactic during my in. Some OJ�s in my memory from the Vietnamese for just about anything k you Lizard was even funnier it... To get that comfortable which was cool possible, securing the area for explosive... I eventually made it to flip over where a Chinook so I kept it because of their fierce fighting.! Left behind as bait for scavenging VC lt Norton told me to point gun... Deuce and a few months after me and three other guys dropped our rucksacks a. My tour in country, and the F * * k you Lizard was even funnier it! The insertion of the past unhindered San ( hot ) pass transformed him into Hoss, an M-60 gunner! Sidewalks and grass along the valley floor, creating a beautiful view from the helicopter for. Within the hour or so after the beers I went back to the other eight were (!